Not recommended for children under age 12 unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

How do you put the equipment on?

Guns have a strap that needs to be placed over the head and shoulder securely.

Headbands go on with the box in the back of the head.

How do you shoot the other team?

Headbands and Guns both have sensors that you can hit. The sensors on the guns are above the life lights and on the headbands at the lights.

How long is each mission?

You will have a one-hour experience at Diamond State Laser Tag. This one hour includes a briefing on the equipment and the rules of the game, going over each mission (which are 6 minutes long each), and taking a few breaks in between after each mission to look at your scores in the briefing room.

How much does it cost to have a party?

It costs $520 per hour for a maximum of 26 people. This is not recommended for children under the age of 12 unless accompanied by a parent or guardian and before booking its strongly suggested you stop by to check out the Laser Tag center because it is themed and could be scary for some kids and once booked there will be no refunds. Also, there is NO area for cake and food, it is strictly laser tag only.

Can we book a party for 2 hours?

Yes, a party can be booked for 2 hours, and the rate would be $1,040.00 for a maximum of 26 people. PLEASE CALL TO BOOK!

Do you accept walk-ins paying with cash and or credit cards?

Yes, however you are taking a risk by just walking in because we will not be able to take you if we have a private party going on, so it is best to book your time slot online and arrive with your complete party 10 minutes prior to your scheduled ticket time. 

Can we purchase tickets or walk-in after 8pm?

No, our last game runs at 8pm, so all walk-ins must be there before 8pm to get the full one hour experience.

What happens if we arrive late and purchased our tickets online?

If your entire party doesn’t arrive all at once, at your scheduled time, then this will cut into your game time. So please make sure everyone is 10 minutes early because the games will start on time. 

What days are you open?

We are currently open on Saturdays and Sundays, Please check our website for more detailed information on hours and etc. Please remember if you’re a walk-in customer you must arrive one hour before closing. 

Do you serve food or snacks?

No, we will only have a soda machine to purchase drinks from.

What type of shoes and clothing are recommended?


Please do not wear heels or sandals, we strongly recommend wearing sneakers or boots of some sort and something comfortable. These games are fast paced and require quick movements, however, please remember you are playing at your own risk.


Are there any stairs in your Laser Tag center?


Yes, we do have a second story that require you to go up and down stairs.

Is your facility handicap accessible?


Yes, the bottom level is handicap accessible.

Can a family play on the same team?

This depends on the number of players at the time playing.

Do you have lockers?


Yes, we have lockers for phones, keys, jackets, hats, etc., however no purses or backpacks of any kind are permitted.